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Winter 2010/2011: Jason Lloyd is 23 (Julie Lloyd is 53, William Lloyd is 52)

Soundtrack: “She Is” by The Fray

Sims2EP8 2009-08-16 22-34-10-05

Julie Lloyd isn’t impressed the first time she sees her son’s new apartment. “Isn’t it kind of small?” she asks. There’s barely enough room to get between the couch and refrigerator when you first walk in the door and Julie thinks she could walk the whole length of the living room/kitchen in only ten steps. There’s a tiny bathroom and a bedroom just barely big enough for a bed, and that’s basically it. Also, the neighborhood isn’t the greatest–City Center Lofts is located in the area of Arcadia known as Club Row, due to all the nightclubs and bars clustered here.

“It’s perfect,” Jason says. And really, it’s what he could afford on his salary. He’s gotten a job with a startup gaming company, but Button Mashers don’t get paid enough for luxury condos along the beach.

“Where will you eat?” Julie asks, noticing that there’s no room for a dining table.

“On the couch. Or maybe I’ll eat out every night.” Jason shrugs. Finding a place to eat isn’t a high item on his priority list.


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Winter 2010/2011: Tucker Craig and Cynthia Morris are 23, Violet Craig is 13 months (Glenda Craig is 66, Marcus and Jill Craig are 28, Jessica Craig is 25, Darin West is 23, Lucas Craig is 3, and Charlotte Craig is 3 months)

Sims2EP8 2009-08-14 21-56-32-99

“All done?” Cynthia Morris asks as she lifts her daughter Violet Craig from her high chair. Violet giggles, reaching out with sticky hands toward her mom’s face. “Oh, no you don’t,” Cynthia says, laughing as she holds the baby away from her a little. “Let’s get you cleaned up before you rub your dinner all over Mommy.”


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Mini-update, Winter 2010/2011: Nathan Gates and Terri Miles are 21 (Carrie Gates is 53, River Gates is 52, Roger and Catherine Miles are 49)

Sims2EP8 2009-08-13 22-05-56-13

“Manners, Terri,” Catherine Miles reminds her daughter. “You’re not a savage.”

“I’m pregnant and starving,” Terri says through the lobster stuffed into her mouth. “I don’t have time for manners.”


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Fall 2010: Anna Sutton is 15, Sunny Sutton is 52 (Eric Lloyd is 53, Madison Craig is 15)

Sims2EP8 2009-08-06 22-58-55-10

Anna Sutton sighs as she sits down on the edge of her bed. She forces herself to not look at the photograph on her nightstand. Why hasn’t she hidden it away in a drawer yet? Why does she leave it sitting there, tormenting her each day?

But every time Anna thinks about putting the picture away, she can’t do it. Something stops her.


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I’m still not entirely decided, but here’s a start: Pictures of You – A Sims 3 Blog.

(I’ll change the header image on that blog to a Sims 3 picture later tonight.)

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PSU Fall 2010 Semester: Terri Miles, Seth Lloyd, Blake Lloyd, Ian Lloyd, Nathan Gates, Emma Sutton, and Audrey Sutton are 21; Darcy Sutton is 18

Sims2EP8 2009-08-01 19-24-36-86

“What is your problem?” Terri Miles snaps.

Seth Lloyd has been moping around campus ever since the start of the school year and Terri has had enough of his woe-is-me pathetic attitude.

“Excuse me for not feeling like being Mr. Sunshine,” Seth says.

Terri rolls her eyes. “You need to get out more. You’re single now. Get yourself out there, meet someone else, and GET OVER IT already.”


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There was a question about Xander and Chelsea’s chemistry on the last post. I thought they were a high two bolts, but I wasn’t sure so I double checked last night. They are two bolts, with a score of 75 according to ACR.

Then I wondered if they were each other’s most attractive Sim according to chemistry rating in the relationship panel (too many Sims to keep track of, so I can’t always remember for sure who are the most attractive Sims for each one of them). I thought the results were funny, so I wanted to share them with you. 🙂

This is Chelsea’s chemistry panel:

Sims2EP8 2009-08-13 21-07-36-02

As you can see, Xander is her number one out of all the men she knows. Yay! She really does like him more than Nathan. Of course, she also likes Nathan’s dad River more than Nathan, LOL!

This is Xander’s:

Sims2EP8 2009-08-13 21-07-47-20

Aw, Chelsea is number three. 😦 But that’s okay because Xander and Terri? Would NEVER work. Terri is too crazy for Xander. Even though Xander and Terri are attracted to each other, they have never heart farted or made any moves on each other at all. I see it as they notice that the other is attractive, but their personalities don’t work well together. And besides, Terri is too obsessed with Nathan. She and Nathan are a high three bolt couple.

But notice who is Xander’s number one? Suzie! And they have three bolts! LOL!!! The idea of Xander and Suzie together made me laugh for a long time. Good thing she’s too old for him. So when we throw out Terri and Suzie for the obvious reasons, Chelsea is in fact Xander’s number one.

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