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This pregnancy has been much harder than her first. Chelsea Gates had morning sickness all through her first trimester and now she has constant aches and pains. She can’t get comfortable in any position, sitting, standing, or lying down.

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Winter 2011/2012: Ian and Seth Lloyd are 22 (Emma Sutton, Deborah Francis, Nancy Crawford, and Xander Gates are 22; Sarah Lloyd is 53)

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“What is that?” Ian Lloyd asks one morning.

“Soup?” Seth says, looking at his bowl.

“No, that.” Ian points to something on the table.


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Winter 2011/2012: Suzie and Charlie Tang are 53, Madison Craig is 16, George Tang is 14 (Anna Sutton is 16)

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Suzie Craig Tang’s newest book, Robotic Desire, has just been released and already has fans raving. It’s been hailed in the reviews as “a steamy sci-fi romance that’s sure to push all the right buttons.” Fans line up at her release day booksigning at the Book Nook in Pine Hollow. And who knew Nathan Gates was one of her biggest fans?


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Photobucket, it was really not necessary for you to send me five copies of the exact same email about your new products.

Sorry for the delay in the next update. I’m on a deadline right now and my husband’s work schedule has changed, which means I don’t have as much uninterrupted time as I did before. Hopefully I’ll get the next post up before the end of the day tomorrow!

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Additional note

I was in a rush when writing yesterday’s post, so I forgot to add this note about how I’m handling patients at Oaktowne Place. All patients are required to learn lifelong happiness and anger management before they can be released. It’s a way that I give more focus on the “treatment” part of the treatment center rather than it just being a place that they live in for a little while, talk and play games, and then go home.

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Winter 2011/2012: Audrey Sutton is 22 (Emma Sutton is 22, Sunny Sutton is 53)

Soundtrack: “From Where You Are” – Lifehouse

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Audrey tried. Despite what anyone else thinks, she did try.

When she first arrived at Oaktowne Place Treatment Center in Arcadia after being sent straight there from the hospital, she tried to make the best of the situation. She tried to get to know the other patients there. Even though she hates mahjong, she accepted that first invitation to join them.

But she’s not like them. First of all, she doesn’t even belong here. She’s not an addict. Things just got a little out of hand. She got careless, forgot just how many pills she had already taken that day. It’s not the huge crisis that everyone is making it out to be.


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Fall 2011 Birthdays

Fall 2011: Edwin Chase is 22, Charlotte Craig is 1, Jill Craig is 29, Violet Craig is 2

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Edwin Chase has finally graduated from Pine State University with a degree in psychology and has grown into an adult. He’s renting a tiny apartment at City Center Lofts (the building where Jason Lloyd lives).


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PSU Fall 2011 Semester: Silvia Howell is 21, Blake Lloyd is 22, Darcy Sutton is 19, Edwin Chase is 22 (Emma Sutton is 22)

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“Aren’t you tired of studying yet?” Blake Lloyd asks his girlfriend.

“You know I have a big exam tomorrow,” Silvia Howell tells him.


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PSU Fall 2011 Semester: Darcy Sutton is 19, Edwin Chase is 22

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Darcy Sutton breathes evenly, letting the air fill her lungs and then slowly escape as she focuses on the movement of her legs and the steady whirring of the exercise bike. It’s 5:00am and everyone else in Jarman Hall is asleep. But this is Darcy’s favorite time, when she’s the only one awake in the still night and she can let her mind go blank as she works through her exercise routine.


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2011 Taxes

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“I’m pleased to inform you that you will be receiving a refund on your taxes,” Iris Revenue says. “You’ll be getting a check for $2,454.”

Terri frowns. “That’s all?” she asks.

Ms. Revenue clears her throat. “Well, it’s a very good amount for a refund.”


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