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February 2026:
Dewey and Anna Richard are 30, Piper is 6 months


It was too quiet as Anna worked on planning her class curriculum for the next week. Quiet had become a rarity in the apartment over the last six months.


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Nothing Better

January 2026:
Bryant Smith and Madison Craig are 30, Summer is 3


Madison has been really busy at work lately, so it’s been Bryant’s job to potty train Summer.


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Winter 2025 Births


All of the woohooing around town that Cynthia and Tucker do finally led to a slip-up in their birth control and so Cynthia just gave birth to a second daughter! Meet Raven Craig, born sixteen years after her only sister.


I did not intend for Cynthia and Tucker to have a baby, but I think they got pregnant on the last day that I played their household. Long ago! They kept heading off for risky woohoo every time I left them alone for a few minutes!

This also let me know that my pregnancy length mod is NOT working. I don’t know why, since it’s the same mod I used before with no problems when I had the game installed on my old computer. 😦

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