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Fall 2026:
Lucas Craig is 19, Baine Austin is 18


The Fall 2026 semester has started at PSU. Lucas is returning for his sophomore year and Baine is just starting as a freshman.


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September 2026:
Suzie Tang is 68, Sunny Lloyd is 68
(Madison Craig is 30, Summer is 3, Skye is 5 months)


Suzie sighs as she tries to work at her next novel. She’s late getting it back to her editor and if she doesn’t turn it in soon she’ll be in breach of contract with her publisher. But her thoughts just haven’t been on writing lately.


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August 2026:
Jessica Norman is 41, Richard is 35, Grace and Tyler are 7


Richard spends a lot of time on sidewalks playing his guitar and hoping for a little money. Or maybe he’ll get lucky one day and an agent or music producer will happen to walk by.

It’s summer, which means that school is out and so Richard keeps watch over them while Jessica is working. Grace and Tyler don’t seem to mind too much. Grace loves to dance to her dad’s music and Tyler plays on his own nearby. Actually, having the kids around helps Richard get more tips, especially from the moms and grandmas who walk by and comment on how adorable the kids are.


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Dirty Little Secret

July 2026: 
Marcus Craig is 43, Jill is 44, Lucas is 19, Charlotte is 15

First part narrated by Charlotte


I’ve been practicing my guitar a lot lately. My music teacher Mrs. Smith says I’m a natural at music and that I could have a great career someday. That’s my dream, to be one of those artists everyone knows and talks about. To have my own albums on iTunes and everything.


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Spring Semester 2026:
Lucas Craig is 18

screenshot-206Lucas Craig is back at PSU for the spring semester. Marsha still doesn’t seem to interested in being anything more than friends.


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Nothing Better

January 2026:
Bryant Smith and Madison Craig are 30, Summer is 3


Madison has been really busy at work lately, so it’s been Bryant’s job to potty train Summer.


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Winter 2025 Births


All of the woohooing around town that Cynthia and Tucker do finally led to a slip-up in their birth control and so Cynthia just gave birth to a second daughter! Meet Raven Craig, born sixteen years after her only sister.


I did not intend for Cynthia and Tucker to have a baby, but I think they got pregnant on the last day that I played their household. Long ago! They kept heading off for risky woohoo every time I left them alone for a few minutes!

This also let me know that my pregnancy length mod is NOT working. I don’t know why, since it’s the same mod I used before with no problems when I had the game installed on my old computer. 😦

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