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Tax Time (Round 16)

It’s tax time again in Pine Hollow. From playables and townies, Iris Revenue collected $125,418 in taxes. $31,354 will go toward the schools (most of which goes toward the cost of building the new high school) and $25,083 will go toward medical.

The wealthiest families in Pine Hollow this round are:

  • Orion and Bessie Gates – $105,629 net worth
  • River and Carrie Gates – $74,961 net worth
  • Nathan and Terri Gates – $50,680 net worth
  • Charlie and Suzie Tang – $43,725 net worth
  • Eric Lloyd and Sunny Sutton – $40,755 net worth

Once again, Orion and Bessie, River and Carrie, and Charlie and Suzie made the wealthiest list, but Nathan and Terri and Eric and Sunny are new additions. Nathan and Terri lucked out because they turned 25 last year and both received their trust fund money, so they’re suddenly living very comfortably. Eric and Sunny made the list through hard work!

The families that received refunds this year were Seth and Emma Lloyd (having twins before tax time pays off!), Tucker Craig and Cynthia Morris, Edwin and Darcy Chase, Logan and Shelley Gates-Watson, and Zared and Carol Smith. One new thing I added this year was a tax credit for adult college students. Parents can claim a $1000 deduction for any young adult college students, so since I have a couple of adults finishing up further degrees, I gave them a $500 tax deduction.

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2011 Taxes

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“I’m pleased to inform you that you will be receiving a refund on your taxes,” Iris Revenue says. “You’ll be getting a check for $2,454.”

Terri frowns. “That’s all?” she asks.

Ms. Revenue clears her throat. “Well, it’s a very good amount for a refund.”


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