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Hi, everyone! Thank you so much for reading about my families while they lived in Sims 2 & 3. I’ve been out for a long time, dealing with writing and publishing three books during that time and also having brain surgery to try to stop my seizures.

But I did miss my Sims families and I want to see where they are in their lives. So I recently upgraded to Sims 4 and have started a new blog over here. I will share the lives of my Sims as they live on in a couple years into the future.

Thanks for reading!

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Nearing the end

June 2026:
Waylon Menon is 46, Viola is 44, and Baine Austin is 17
(Violet Craig is 16)


Baine had no idea what Violet’s problem was these days. She keeps ignoring him and shooting him those side eye glares she can do. He doesn’t have any idea what he’s done to turn her into a drama queen lately.


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Home Life

April 2026:
Seth Lloyd is 37, Emma is 37, Zoey and Zachary are 11, and Gavin and Garrett are 9

screenshot-194Garrett and Gavin Lloyd have grown into children since my last update. Above is Gavin.

screenshot-195And this is Garrett.


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What’s been going on

It’s been a month since my last post, so I thought I should at least put a quick note here. What’s been going on is basically: too much to do, too little time. 😦 Work has me completely stressed out and overloaded with no hope for relief in sight. I’m not sleeping well. Lots of migraines. No energy to do much these days.

My goal for 2012 is for a big change, so what little energy I have goes toward getting other things done that will help me make that big change.

Sorry for my absence. I just need a moment to breathe easily again and catch up on all the things I want and need to do.

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I was on vacation for a week and came back home just in time for Hurricane Irene to pass through my area. We have some damage, but are lucky compared to a lot of other people. But power has gone out again at my house (it went out Saturday morning, came back on late Sunday afternoon, and went back out last night) and we have not had internet access since Saturday morning. I’m writing this from work, where the power has finally been turned back on within city limits. There are still power lines and trees down everywhere, a lot of stoplights not working, no ice or flashlights or batteries or lanterns or generators at all to be found within the county because everyone is sold out. For it being just a category 1 when it hit us, this is the craziest category 1 I’ve ever seen.

So there will be delays in posting and answering comments until things get back to semi-normal.

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Comment or spam?

Let’s play a game called “Comment or Spam?” Because I can’t figure out which this one is:

Author : miss withers
you are really taking the urine….

if you had a mind, that considered things at all,,

you might wonder how you might feel if this was an amusement around the globe about your sister mother or daughter…
guess you do’nt have a mind…

Um…okay then. The author comes from the Netherlands. It doesn’t follow the format of usual comment spam I get, which have crazy comment text but links to various sites in the URL field. It was posted to Phoebe Gates’s profile page. Not sure what the author finds offensive over there. Come on, Phoebe is just a four-year-old kid. It’s not her fault that her parents are kind of sleazy! 😉

My stats do show that I’ve had two referrals from people searching for “phoebe gates” and ended up finding my blog. But seriously, this Phoebe Gates is really just a bunch of pixels and a personality in my head. No need to tell me I’m “taking the urine”….um, whatever that means.

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Sims 3 update

If you’re interested, I just put up a new post over at my neglected Sims 3 blog. 🙂 I was on vacation for the past almost-week and I played a little Sims 2, but it ended up being Sims 3 that caught most of my attention. I got hit with some ideas on how to make it work for my play style and so I’ve been tweaking and trying things out.

The next Pine Hollow update will be up before the end of the week!

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