Busy Life

October 2020:
Ian and Nancy Lloyd are 31, Matthew is 7, Sasha is 3
(Sarah Menon is 62, Emma Lloyd is 31, James Gates-Watson is 6)

Now that the wedding is over, Nancy can again focus on her career in journalism. She’s an investigative reporter now and is working a lot lately on some big stories. She’s hoping to make her name in hard-hitting news soon. She can already imagine herself as the big time anchor on a national news show!

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Vanilla Twilight

September 2020:
Zane and Belinda Smith are 38, Sam is 16, Dee is 8, Emily is 6
(Jill Craig is 38, Audrey Sutton is 31)

Zane lets the water fill the sink, listening to the soft whoosh of the water from the faucet. The house around him is quiet, muted with the darkness.

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Summer 2020 Birthdays

This summer’s birthdays start out with the Norman twins turning one.

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Lloyd/Do Wedding

August 2020:
Jason Lloyd is 33, Lilly Do is 32

Lilly’s night before the wedding includes a bachelorette party, thrown together by her friends. Lilly put up a convincing protest about having a party, but the truth is, she’s been looking forward to it. Even though she spends her night at the bar drinking just Shirley Temples.

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August 2020:
Eric Lloyd is 62, Sunny is 61
(Darcy Chase is 27)

Darcy had planned to wait a little longer to tell her mom about the pregnancy, but after a week of keeping the secret, she finds that she can’t hold it back any longer. So one day when she comes to pick up Jackson after work she blurts out, “You’re going to be a grandma again!”

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All Your Life

July 2020:
Edwin Chase is 30, Darcy is 27, Jackson is 2
(Sunny Lloyd is 61)

Lately Sunny has been bringing up the idea of another baby whenever she visits Darcy.

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June 2020:
George Tang and Ethan Carter are 22
(Dorothy Hernandez is 22, Mona Wiggins is 24, Suzie Tang is 61)

After they graduated from PSU, George and Ethan moved into an apartment together. It’s not the nicest neighborhood and is pretty far from almost everything except the one seedy nightclub across the street, but it’s cheap and they’re able to afford it on the few gigs the band is getting these days. (They live in the building on the right, if you’re curious.)

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