Hi, everyone! Thank you so much for reading about my families while they lived in Sims 2 & 3. I’ve been out for a long time, dealing with writing and publishing three books during that time and also having brain surgery to try to stop my seizures.

But I did miss my Sims families and I want to see where they are in their lives. So I recently upgraded to Sims 4 and have started a new blog over here. I will share the lives of my Sims as they live on in a couple years into the future.

Thanks for reading!

Winter Birthdays

Winter birthdays are a bit trickier than the other seasons since winter covers December, January, and February. So the birthdays for December show the ages those Sims turned at the end of 2026. But the January and February birthdays show the age that those Sims turned in 2027. For example, Logan was born in 1989 and it shows that he turned 37. But his wife Shelley was also born in 1989 and it shows that she turned 38. Logan’s birthday is in December and Shelley’s is in February. So Shelley had already turned 37 at the beginning of 2026. Logan won’t turn 38 until the end of 2027. I just wanted to make a note of that difference! I may end up splitting birthdays by the month instead of season, but we’ll see.

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Me and you (and you)

Fall 2026:
Lucas Craig is 19, Baine Austin is 18


The Fall 2026 semester has started at PSU. Lucas is returning for his sophomore year and Baine is just starting as a freshman.

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November 2026:
Ian and Nancy Lloyd are 37, Matthew is 13, and Sasha is 9


Ian checked his phone, tapping on the text messages when he saw the little red notification of a new message. He read it quickly, the corners of his mouth curling into a small smile, before he tapped out a quick response, deleted the message, and then stuffed his phone back into his pocket.

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A Little Unwinding

October 2026:
Mona Wiggins is 31, Ethan Carter is 30, Maxwell is 2
(Madison Craig is 31)


Life these days is much different than Mona had ever imagined.

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September 2026:
Suzie Tang is 68, Sunny Lloyd is 68
(Madison Craig is 30, Summer is 3, Skye is 5 months)


Suzie sighs as she tries to work at her next novel. She’s late getting it back to her editor and if she doesn’t turn it in soon she’ll be in breach of contract with her publisher. But her thoughts just haven’t been on writing lately.

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Fall Birthdays

Lots of birthdays in the fall!


I don’t think you’ve seen Darcy and Edwin’s son since he was a toddler, so here he is. Jackson is turning 9 on November 19.

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The hood I almost lost

I had a major freakout over the weekend. I had sent Lucas and Baine off to university, since it was time to play the fall semester. Now back when I had sent Lucas the year before, both semesters went fine and he returned home without any problem.

But this semester was riddled with problems. I took some screenshots to show what was happening and to help anyone else who may be experiencing it.

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August 2026:
Jessica Norman is 41, Richard is 35, Grace and Tyler are 7


Richard spends a lot of time on sidewalks playing his guitar and hoping for a little money. Or maybe he’ll get lucky one day and an agent or music producer will happen to walk by.

It’s summer, which means that school is out and so Richard keeps watch over them while Jessica is working. Grace and Tyler don’t seem to mind too much. Grace loves to dance to her dad’s music and Tyler plays on his own nearby. Actually, having the kids around helps Richard get more tips, especially from the moms and grandmas who walk by and comment on how adorable the kids are.

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Birthdays – Summer 2026

screenshot-356Emily Smith turned 12 on June 14, so she’s now entering the teen stage!

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