Dirty Little Secret

June 2026: 
Marcus Craig is 43, Jill is 44, Lucas is 19, Charlotte is 15

First part narrated by Charlotte


I’ve been practicing my guitar a lot lately. My music teacher Mrs. Smith says I’m a natural at music and that I could have a great career someday. That’s my dream, to be one of those artists everyone knows and talks about. To have my own albums on iTunes and everything.

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Nearing the end

June 2026:
Waylon Menon is 46, Viola is 44, and Baine Austin is 17
(Violet Craig is 16)


Baine had no idea what Violet’s problem was these days. She keeps ignoring him and shooting him those side eye glares she can do. He doesn’t have any idea what he’s done to turn her into a drama queen lately.

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Birthdays – Spring 2026

James Gates-Watson turned 12 years old on May 31! (The outfit is terrible and will be changing soon!)

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Rainy days

May 2026:
Logan Gates-Watson is 37, Shelley is 37, Lily is 15, and James is 11

screenshot-250My friend Dee and I like to play games at the comic and arcade store. Dee is 14 while I’ll be 16 this summer, but we became friends back in elementary school and so the age difference isn’t a big deal.

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I finally updated my education notes for Sims 3 gameplay! I always like reading other people’s gameplay notes, so I wanted to mention it in case you like reading them too. 😀


Spring Semester 2026:
Lucas Craig is 18

screenshot-206Lucas Craig is back at PSU for the spring semester. Marsha still doesn’t seem to interested in being anything more than friends.

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Home Life

April 2026:
Seth Lloyd is 37, Emma is 37, Zoey and Zachary are 11, and Gavin and Garrett are 9

screenshot-194Garrett and Gavin Lloyd have grown into children since my last update. Above is Gavin.

screenshot-195And this is Garrett.

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