Hot Flashes

December 2025:
Carrie Gates is 68, Todd is 38, Rachel is 37, Vanessa is 9, Aaron is 4


Narrated by Todd

Aaron has become interested in learning to cook lately, so one morning Rachel decided to teach him how to make breakfast.

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November 2025:
Tucker Craig and Cynthia Morris are 38, Violet is 16
(Baine Austin is 17, Charlotte Craig is 15)


Narrated by Violet

Baine and I are still dating. We hang out a lot after school. Baine likes to go play video games, though I try to get him to come to my house.

“Are your parents there?” he asks.

“Probably,” I say. “It is their house.”

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October 2025:
Sinjin Sutton is 46, Audrey is 36, Beatrice is 3


Narrated by Audrey

Spooky Day was a lot of fun this year, though we didn’t get many trick-or-treaters. But my cousin Xander’s little girl Bianca did come by dressed as a cat, though without any cat ears.

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Striking Out

Fall 2025:
Lucas Craig is 18


Lucas Craig arrives at PSU ready for his first time out on his own. No parents, no little sisters tagging along behind him. Just him, his classes, and girls. He’s really looking forward to the girls.

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Catching Up

September 2025
Xander and Chelsea Gates are 36, Kat is 16, Caleb is 14, Olivia is 12, and Bianca is 6


(Narrated by Olivia Gates)

My older brother Caleb is constantly annoying me. First, he asks me to make him some macaroni and cheese, then he’s breathing down my neck the whole time I’m cooking.

“Is it done yet?” Caleb asks.

“Almost,” I tell him. “Just wait a second.”

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Been a long time!

It has been a long time since I posted on this blog–over two years! I did post on Tumblr for a while, but I haven’t played regularly in several months. Then my computer died and I didn’t reinstall the game until last weekend.

I’ve been playing again and enjoying my Sims a lot. I have missed them! I plan to start posting here again, though I don’t know how much of a “story” it will be. We’ll see as it goes.

I’m still in the process of setting all my families up in a new town and deciding what Sims I want to play with. I have favorites that I know I want to play with and others that I might pop into from time to time. I’m really trying not to set anything in stone though, I’ll just go as I feel like it.

One thing I want to tell you: If you use a custom Sims 3 world for your game, make sure that you save a backup of the original download file of that world along with your game backups! I was using AweSims’s Redcliffs world, which is no longer available to download on her site. I had copied over my backup of my save, but it still wouldn’t let me into that world because it said it was missing some expansion pack data. I had installed all of my EPs, so that didn’t really make sense to me until I figured out that it must be talking about the custom world. That was when I discovered that the file was no longer available to download. I started to panic, but further digging through some of my other files luckily turned up a copy of the original Redcliffs world file. Once I reinstalled the Redcliffs world, I was able to open my old game save and save copies of my families to the Sim bin. I’m using a different world and an entirely new save now though because one of the reasons I stopped playing so long ago was because my world because so full of errors and started lagging so much. I decided to try a smaller world this time, so I’m using Meadow Glen from My Sims Reality.

In addition to a new world, I’m also jumping ahead a little in time from where I was the last time I updated this blog. I did play through a bit of time while I was posting to Tumblr, so I had moved forward somewhat. At the moment, I’m at the year 2025, starting in the fall season. Some families have changed a little–George and Dorothy are married now, Madison and Bryant are married and have a daughter, Jason and Lilly have two kids. Others are still the same, only older–babies are now kids and kids are now teens, or some Sims may no longer be with us. I’ll do a bit of backstory on the posts to catch you up on where each family currently stands as I play them.

So far I’ve played Xander and Chelsea Gates’s family and I’m currently playing Lucas Craig at his first semester of college. I’ll start posting some updates from my playing soon. In the meantime, if you didn’t follow me on Tumblr before, you can head over there to see some pictures of what happened with my families since my last posting here.

Thanks for reading! :)

Busy Life

October 2020:
Ian and Nancy Lloyd are 31, Matthew is 7, Sasha is 3
(Sarah Menon is 62, Emma Lloyd is 31, James Gates-Watson is 6)

Now that the wedding is over, Nancy can again focus on her career in journalism. She’s an investigative reporter now and is working a lot lately on some big stories. She’s hoping to make her name in hard-hitting news soon. She can already imagine herself as the big time anchor on a national news show!

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