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Hood pictures

Here are some pictures of Pine Hollow. It’s a little mountain town built along a canyon.

The main part of town, with the middle class homes in front.



Looking up the winding road toward the higher class homes on the hill.


The higher class homes are on higher ground so that the residents can literally look down on the rest of town.

(I’m using the Arbor Falls terrain from here.)


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I’m still setting up Pine Hollow, though it’s mostly done. Really what I need to do now is finish customizing the lots. I like to start out with a lot built by someone else and then customize it to my needs and preferences. So I have a few more community lots that still need to be customized. But all of the lots are in place and low class and middle class homes have been put down throughout town. No high class homes yet, but I may wait until I have a family that’s ready to move up to one of the big houses before I add any to the neighborhood.

I did have a chance to actually play a little bit last night before bed. The family I decided to start with are the Gateses. They live on Two Acre Farm and Mr. Gates, Joseph, runs the Green Grocer store. His wife, Cheryl, is an artist and runs the Sunshine Gallery. Joseph and Cheryl are a little bit of hippies and are big believers in being as environmentally friendly as possible. This means that they compost everything and use no pesticides and eat healthy, organic food.

They have four children. The oldest, Clover, is a teen. The youngest three are triplets. Triplet toddlers, that is. Thanks to the randomizer I used, I ended up with three toddlers in this family. Not something I would have chosen on my own, but I decided to go for it and see what happens. It hasn’t even been a full day and I’m already about to go crazy trying to watch over all these kids. The triplets are two boys, River and Orion, and a girl, Sunny.

The farm is a lot I downloaded and I really like it because it has everything I need, but the house a bit too small. I may have them take out a loan to add onto it or else move the boys into the barn when they get to be kids.

Hopefully things will get better once the toddlers grow up and can take care of themselves. Right now I need to get the parents’ businesses up and running, but they’re too busy feeding, potty training, and tending to toddlers to focus on farming and painting. I have Clover helping out a lot, but then she has no time to go out and meet people and be a teen.

I have been taking pictures. They’ll come soon.

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Pine Hollow is an experiment in running an entire neighborhood with its own economy in the Sims 2. I’m starting out with four families, which will grow and populate the town through the generations. Two families will start out as low class and two as middle class. Everyone will have to work to make their lives better and once they get to a certain net worth (to be decided later) they can move up into the high class neighborhood. The families will be running businesses to earn money. Students will attend a special school that I run, and there is summer vacation, so I’m hoping that my plans for a teen summer camp using Bon Voyage will work out as planned. I’m really excited about that part.

I don’t know how often I’ll update this blog, or in what form the updates will be. This is really just a new beginning for me, a chance to relax and have fun. So I’m not going to stress over this blog. I’ll update when I have something I want to share.

As far as expansion packs, I have: University, Night Life, Pets, Open For Business, Seasons, Bon Voyage. I just placed an order for Free Time, so I’ll have that soon also. I have the following Stuff Packs: H&M Fashion Stuff, Celebrations, and Family Fun Stuff. I love downloads and use a lot, but I can’t always remember where they come from. The links over there to the right under Downloads are the sites I visit most often.

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