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Catch up

I’m sorry about disappearing for the last few months! I think I got burned out and needed a break, then life went a little crazy. My husband’s mother passed away last month, work has been nothing but stress, and ever since the beginning of the year I’ve felt like I’ve been fighting to get things back under control so I can catch my breath.

After three months of not looking at my Sims at all, I have been back at work on building the Sims 3 version of Pine Hollow. Some of the Sims look more like their Sims 2 counterparts than others though. It’s hard to get some features just right! But most of the families are created now, just a few more left to do, then onto setting up the town and homes the way I want them.

I missed it during my break, but Pine Hollow’s third birthday was at the end of February!

I do still have a couple more updates from the Sims 2 version that need to go up, so I’ll try to work on those soon. Thanks for reading!

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